131 Canola Oil Press Machine Expeller


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    • New Type cold Pressing no need pre-roasting oilseeds.
    • Squeezing and vacuum filtering two-in-one.
    • Cold pressing and hot pressing two-in-one machine.
    • Commercial and Industrial use, process capacity Up to 3.2 TPD for cold press 7.8 TPD for hot press.
    • High-grade automation, automatic feeding, pressing, discharging, meal recycling.
    • Infrared preheating, can work under different temperature conditions.
    • Appropriate for small and medium-sized oil mills, oil factories.
    • Optimized pressing screws with bigger capacity and high oil extraction rate.
    • Proper for squeezing a large variety of oilseeds and oil nuts, e.g. peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, linseed, pumpkin seed, castor seed, mustard seed, and is best for cold extraction of olive, walnut, pine seed, avocado, coconut, tea seed, herbal, flower, orange peel, grape seed, pepper seed, etc.
    Product Description
    Product Data
    sesame oil hot press

    Canola Oil Hot Press Machine

    Model Z6YL-131
    Cold pressed capacity 3.2 ton/24hours
    Hot pressed capacity 7.8 ton/24hours
    Voltage 3P 380V 50Hz
    Motor Power 15Kw-6
    Vacuum power 1.1Kw
    Vacuum filters 2 pieces
    Weight 1200KGS
    Squeeze speed 80 R.P.M.
    Machine Dimension (mm) 2300×1630×1600

    131 Canola Oil Press Machine Expeller

    The main feature of peanut canola oil press machine

    • Multifunctional oil press with the vacuum filtration system.
    • Cold pressing or hot pressing base on your needs.
    • High-degree of automation, automatic pressing, filtering, and temperature controlling.
    • Clear and pure vegetable oil with natural aroma and more nutritious for cold extraction.
    • Higher oil output and strong aroma for hot extraction.
    • Made of high-quality alloy steel & stainless steel, more longer service-life, easy-clean, and maintenance.
    • The pressing screw is made of Cr12 steel and its service life can process up to 150,000kgs(raw material)
    • Animal oil like sheep fat oil, beef fat oil are also suitable for hot working.
    • After filtering by vacuum filter and centrifugal filter. high-quality edible oil is available.
    • The oil press machine is suitable for commercial or industrial use, it is used to get fresh oil, the oil pressed by the machine is healthy and green.
    • This screw oil press machine can be used to press various kinds of raw materials, e.g. peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, linseed, pumpkin seed, castor seed, mustard seed, this model is an ideal equipment for the cold extraction of olive, walnut, pine seed, avocado, coconut, tea seed, herbal, flower, orange peel, grape seed, etc
    Model Capacity Voltage Motor power Vacuum power Squeeze speed Weight Dimension (mm)
    Z6YL-120M Cold: 115kg/h, Hot: 130kg/h 3P 380V 15kw-4 1.1kw 60-120 R.P.M. 1000kg 2100*1500*2100
    Z6YL-125 Cold: 150kg/h, Hot: 150kg/h 3P 380V
    1.1kw 60-120 R.P.M. 1200kg 2300*1600*2100
    Z6YL-131 Cold: 150kg/h, Hot: 300kg/h 3P 380V 15kw-6 1.1kw 80 R.P.M. 1200kg 2300*1630*1600
    Z6YL-168 Cold: 250kg/h, Hot: 500kg/h 3P 380V 18.5kw-6 2.2kw 60-120 R.P.M. 1550kg 2600*1700*1750
    Z6YL-170 300kg 3P 380V 50Hz 27kw-4 1.1kw 60-120 R.P.M. 1700kg 2600*2840*2260
    Z6YL-188 350kg 3P 380V 50Hz 34kw 1.1kw 80 R.P.M. 1880kg 2600*2000*1920
    Z6YL-190 350kg 3P 380V 50Hz 37kw-4 2.2kw 60-120 R.P.M. 2000kg 2700*2000*1920
    Z6YL-200 450kg 3P 380V 50Hz 37kw-6 3kw 60-120 R.P.M. 2200kg 3200*4600*2250

    The screw oil press machine, also called spiral oil expeller press is a pressing oil making equipment widely used in the grain oil industry, It has the advantages of large continuous processing capacity, short dynamic pressing time, high oil yield, and low labor intensity.

    The main part of the screw press is the squeezing chamber, it is composed of the squeezing cage and the rotating screw shaft in the squeezing cage. Its working process is to use the narrowing of the helical shaft lead or the gradual increase of the diameter of the root circle so that the volume of the squeezing space is continuously reduced and the squeezing effect is generated; the squeezed oil is squeezed out from the gap of the squeezing cage and the residue is simultaneously removed. Compressed crumb cakes, continuously discharged from the end of the press shaft. Squeezing oil generally can be divided into three stages: feeding (pre-pressing) section, main pressing (extracting) section, and forming cake (heavy pressure draining) section.

    The raw materials are squeezed under high pressure in a single step


    1. Two or three times pressing is necessary for cold oil extraction.
    2. The production capacity is different when processing different raw materials.
    3. Pressure filters and centrifugal filters are available for the model.
    4. Prepared machines like roaster machines, shellers and conveyors are also available (optional).

    Additional information

    Weight 1300 kg
    Dimensions 230 × 150 × 160 cm



    3P 380V 50Hz

    Processing Capacity

    150kg/hour for cold press, 325kg/hour for hot press

    Vacumm Power


    Motor Power


    Diameter of vacuum tank

    500 mm

    Daily Capacity

    3.2Ton/ 24 hour for cold press, 7.8 Ton/ 24 hour for hot press

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