Sesame Camellia Seed Oil Press Machine

Last Updated: November 29, 2022


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  • High yield up to 50kg/hour.
  • Superior quality oil and meal cake.
  • Hight oil extracting rate, oil extraction rate up to 45% depends on the oil seed.
  • Low footprint, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Long lifetime, low electric consumption, low noise, works quiet and smoothly.
  • Build-in thermostat, cold press and hot press for your needs.
  • The automatic hydraulic oil press machine can be used with sesame seeds, peanut, almond seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut, sunflower seeds, castor seeds etc.
  • Suitable for small business, individuals, oil mill,  eco-supermarket, grocery store etc.
Product Description
Product Data

Sesame Camellia seed Oil Press Machine

Model ZCHP-50
One-time charge: 10Kgs/cycle
Hourly Capacity: 50Kg/hour
Daily Capacity: 1.2 ton/24hrs
Voltage 1P 220V / 3P 380V
Power: 1.5Kw/2.2Kw-4
Heat power: 2Kw
Net Weight : 1000KGS
Gross Weight : 1100KGS
Machine Dimension L950mm×W850mm×H1550mm
Package Dimension L1000mm×W900mm×H1700mm
Applicable Materials sesame, peanut, almond, walnut, coconut, camellia
oil press machine
hydraulic sesame oil press
Introduced Technique from South Korea, simple panel design with high-quality button, convenient for single person operatation. 
  1. Ampere Meter
  2. Voltage Meter
  3. Power-On Indicator
  4. Temperature Controller
  5. Heat  Knob
  6. Work Indicator
  7. Motor Start
  8. Motor Stop
  9. Pressure Gauge
Automatic control system, preheating temperature automatic control, hydraulic system pressure automatic control.


The Automatic hydraulic sesame oil press is a idea oil extraction equipment for small business, commercial oil mill factory 
hydraulic sesame oil press
Our hydraulic oil press adopts automatic pressing system, one-button power on, preheat temperature automatic control, hydraulic system pressure automatic control, high oil output rate and low energy consumption.
sesame oil press
Infrared heater automatic preheat,  Thermalcouple with precise temperature measurement. 
sesame oil press cylinder
Improved pressing barrel design with bigger capacity, can feed 10kg sesame seeds each time, contact part use premium material, clean and healthy, will not contaminate the crude oil.
sesame oil press
The sesame seeds is pushed upward by the force of the oil cylinder assembly in the oil pump assembly, and the sesame oil flows down from the oil gap of the oil pump to the storage barrel through the oil outlet tray.
sesame oil press
The hydraulic oil press is made of high-quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi, and the ultra-fine oil line can filter out most of the residue without having to purify the oil again and again.
sesame oil press cake
High-quality oil press cake discharge when finish pressing, the oil cake can be resell in a good price, use as animal feed, etc.
hydraulic oil press
The hydraulic Oil Press is suitable for pressing high oil-bearing seeds, like sesame seed, flax seed, peanuts kernels, shelled sunflower seed, almond kernels, ground copra, cocoa liquor, etc. The press cake containing a small portion of residue oil in it, very nutritious, it's a idea raw material for processing animal feed.

The Uses and Benefits of Hydraulic Oil Press Cake

A press cake or oil cake which as a by-product produced by our hydraulic oil press machine can be mainly used as feed or ingredients.

You can resuse the oil cake in many ways, like making pancakes, as animal feed for cattle, sheep, poultry, fish and shrimp, etc, using as fertilizer of flowers, selling to feed mill and farms which can bring you extra profits.
sesame oil press

Sesame Camellia seed Oil Press Machine

The hydraulic oil press is mainly composed of oil press bodies, hydraulic transmission systems, control systems, etc.

1. Oil press body: It is composed of the bottom plate, column, top plate, material cylinder assembly, oil pan, nut, and other parts. It is one of the main parts of the whole machine. In the material cylinder assembly, the oil-bearing material l is pushed upwards by the force of the cylinder assembly, the oil flows down from the material tank oil sump and is connected to the oil storage tank via the oil pan.

2. Hydraulic transmission system: this is the main working power source for hydraulic oil press producing high oil rates. It is composed of a drive shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, motor, high-pressure pump, overflow valve, manual control valve, cylinder assembly, Pipe joints, and other parts.

3. The Control system consists of a heating switch, temperature controller, voltage meter, current, etc.

Additional information

Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 95 × 85 × 155 cm

1P 220V 50Hz, 3P 380V 50Hz

Batch Load

10kg/batch (raw sesame seeds)

Processing Capacity


Motor Power


Heating Power


Temperature control

70-100 C

Working Pressure

198 Ton

System Pressure

60 Mpa

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