Corn Germ Oil Expeller Machine for Sale


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Corn Germ Oil Expeller Machine

Model Z6YL-120
Cold pressed capacity 2.8 ton/24 hours
Voltage 3P 380V 50Hz
Motor Power 15Kw-4
Vacuum power 1.1Kw
Vacuum filters 9L, Ø550mm × 2 pieces
Preheat Function Available
Squeeze speed 120 R.P.M.
Machine Weight 1000KGS
Package Weight 1100KGS
Machine Dimension (mm) 2100×1500×2100
Package Dimension (mm) 2730×1030×1900
Export Package Plywood Crate
Screw lifter for nuts,seeds Optional(extra charge)
Screw conveyor for press cake Optional (extra charge)
peanut oil press machine

Corn Germ Oil Expeller Machine for Sale

oil expeller machine

Features & Advantages:

  • Proper for hot &cold oil extraction and meet any customers' requirements.
  • Clear and purer vegetable oil with natural aroma and more nutritious when choosing cold extraction.
  • Higher oil output and strong aroma.
  • Alloy steel & stainless steel ensure the oil press machine durable and clean enough.
  • The pressing screw is made of Cr12 steel and its service life is 150000kgs(raw material)
  • Various kinds of raw materials are suitable, especially prefer high oil content materials like walnuts, sesame, sunflowers, peanuts, tea-seeds for cold oil extraction.
  •  Keeping continuing working.
  • Big capacity with good performance. After filtering by vacuum filter. high-quality edible oil is available.
  •  Easy operation, one person is enough.
Z6YL-125cold:150kg, Hot:150kg3P 380V 50Hz18.5kw-41.1kw60-120 R.P.M.1200kg2300*1600*2100

Models Capacity Voltage Motor power Vacuum power Squeeze speed Weight Dimension
Z6YL-131 Cold:150kg, Hot:300kg 3P 380V 50Hz 15kw-6 1.1kw 80 R.P.M. 1200kg 2300*1630*1600
Z6YL-168 Cold:250kg, Hot:500kg 3P 380V 50Hz 18.5kw-6 2.2kw 60-120 R.P.M. 1550kg 2600*1700*1750


  1. Two-time or three-time pressing is necessary for cold oil extraction.
  2. The production capacity is different when pressing different raw materials.
  3. Pressure filters and centrifugal filters are available for the model.
  4. Prepared machines like a roasting machine, shellers and electrical hoister are also available.

Additional information

Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 210 × 160 × 180 cm


Motor Power


Vacumm Power


Processing Capacity


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