Stainless Steel Edible Oil Purifier Machine

Last Updated: August 2, 2020

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  • Shock-absorbing design, can filtering 15kg to 25kg crude oil each batch.
  •  With timer function, time can be set.
  • Belt driving, smoothly running.
  • Purified oil automatically come out
Product Description
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Stainless Steel Edible Oil Purifier Machine

The stainless steel centrifugal oil filter machine separates the dregs and the oil by the centrifugal force of the rotating drum at a high speed to achieve liquid-solid separation. When the drum stops rotating, the static oil slides out from the drum to achieve the purpose of filtration. The oil is pure, does not foam, does not overflow.

Main Features of Oil Purifier Machine

  1. Easy operation, it can process 15-25kg crude oil each time, the filtration process takes about 7 to 8 minutes, you can just clean the oil residue once every 150kg-250kg of oil.
  2. This machine does not needs filtering cloth, no filter cloth consumption and cleaning, it's suitable for long-term use, no need for any wearing parts, low cost of use.
  3. Energy-saving and power-saving, the power is automatically turned off after 3 to 5 minutes of power-on, and the inertia of the drum is used to separate the residue and oil, reducing the use time of the motor and reducing the energy consumption.
  4. The equipment is superior to other filtering equipments, the treated oil has high purity and bright color, and effectively separates the impurities in the oil, and solves the problem of the oil filtering under the general filtering equipment.

Applications of  Oil Purifier Machine

The stainless steel oil filter machine can properly purifying above edible oil varieties, such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, tea seed oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, flax seed oil , cottonseed oil etc.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 77 × 50 × 93 cm

3P 380V 50Hz

Processing Capacity


Motor Power


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