500kg Automatic Sunflower Seed Roasting Machine Gas


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    • Food Grade insutrial high level stainless steel
    • 360° SUS rotary drum, evenly, uniform roasting consistency.
    • Japan Omron temperature controller 
    • Exhaust fan ventilation and remove moisture.
    • Powerful gas burner
    • Nature gas/LPG choices
    Product Description
    Product Data

    Stainless steel 500kg automatic sunflower seed roasting machine gas heating 


    Applications of gas roasting machine 

    1.Grain & beans: it can automatic roasting variable kind of grain & beans,  such like soybeans, kidney bean, cococa beans, coffee beans, corn, wheat, sorghum, Oats, buckwheat, red beans, mung beans, black beans, garbanzo beans,  broad beans, rice, millet etc.

    2.Nuts& seeds: well roasting on chestnut, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, sunflower seed, peanut kernels,  pecans , walnuts, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, cumin, spices, poppy, Chloe, castor, pumpkin seeds , figs etc.

    3.Vegetables: all kinds of vegetables dehydration or tea drying.

    4.Medicinal herbal: Tea or herbal leaf roasting process .

    5.Medicinal materials: drying or steamed fry

    6.Oil press seeds: all kinds of seeds raw material before oil processing, heat treatment the seeds dehydration or steam frying, make its become soft and easy to press out oil.

    nut roasting machine drumnuts seeds roasting

     roasting machine gas

    peanut roaster

    washed sesame roaster machine

    Automatic Sunflower Seed Roasting Machine


    Additional information

    Weight 3000 kg
    Dimensions 440 × 135 × 200 cm



    1P 220V 50Hz, 3P 380V 50Hz

    Heating souce

    LPG, Nature Gas, Propane Gas

    Processing Capacity


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